Attendance 5%
Participation 8%
Exercises from Rhetorical Grammar 7%
Blogs, digital compositions (10) 25% Rubric (PDF)
–Feedback 5%
Active reading presentation 5% Rubric (PDF)
Podcast (group) 15% Instructions
Rubric (PDF)
Annotated bibliography 10% Instructions
Rubric (PDF)
Conference (Research project)
–Conference paper
Web portfolio 5% Instructions
Rubric (PDF)

For blog posts and grammar/revision exercises, your lowest score will be dropped from your total in that category. Blog post 8 and the last R.G. exercise are optional.
The Twine game and the Blackboard exercise in which you posed alternate questions about “The Yellow Wallpaper” are both bonus activities, worth between +0.5% and 2% each. The two students who investigated Emory’s branding budget received a +1% bonus.