Domain Portfolio

Portfolio rubric (PDF)
Due on Sunday, May 3, and worth 5% of your total grade.

By the end of the semester, your Domain should be a representation of yourself as a writer, a thinker, and a person. It should contain at least 3 written pieces from this class, presenting them in a way that’s meaningful to you. I encourage you to include material about other aspects of your life: hobbies, clubs, your resume, a Twitter or Instagram feed, whatever you want. As always, remember that your web page is visible to anyone.

Outside visitors should be able to detect your principle of organization easily. That might be process-based, showing your revision process or your improvement over the semester; genre-based, emphasizing the kinds of compositions you can make (essay, podcast, game); or topic-based, highlighting your passion for one or two issues (e.g., pop culture, social justice).

All images must be original or licensed for reuse. Give credit to the artist by putting captions or titles on your images.

Spam on your page will result in immediate loss of a point (1%).

In addition, you will compose a reflection in the form of a 500 to 750-word essay or a polished VoiceThread 4-8 minutes long. Explain how you decided which pieces of work to include. Take this as an opportunity to ask yourself: In what areas has your writing improved? What areas could still use some work? (Admitting to your shortcomings is a sign of self-awareness, and will not negatively affect your mark.) How do you plan to improve your writing beyond this class? What about your reading habits?
[More reflection guidelines from the Writing Program (PDF); disregard their length requirement]

These guidelines are based on the suggested outcomes of the Domain of One’s Own Program.

Sample student portfolios
By my students in English 101: Nakiyah, Graham, Michelle. (Note that I didn’t ask for a “personal touch” last semester.)
By other Emory students participating in Domain of One’s Own: Ashley, Madeline, Radhika (that one’s not WordPress-based).
10 Steps to the Perfect Portfolio Website from Smashing (geared toward web designers)
More digital composition resources